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 Application Template (ash please edit to fit game better)

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EQ2 Community Leader

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PostSubject: Application Template (ash please edit to fit game better)   Wed Jul 15, 2009 8:31 am

Please read our Guild charter.

Post as (Applicant:yournamehere) And follow the template

Member Name: In game character name.
Class: Class of main.

Your Real First name:

Why do you want to join The Abyss?
Give something that brought you to want to join a guild?

Past Gaming Experience?
Some past experience in the games you have played what were they ect

Can you use Ventrilo?
This is a Guild Requirement! anyone can listen, and the program is free!

The more info you give us the better we will know you. Best way into the guild is by acting as if you already are, send tells for groups, post actively on the forums. It is up to each member how fast their recruitment will be

Current Fees:$37.80 Per 3Months
Donations Sum :$27.00
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Application Template (ash please edit to fit game better)
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