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 Piccilo's app part duo...

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PostSubject: Piccilo's app part duo...   Tue Jul 28, 2009 5:35 pm

Piccilo Piper is the name..singin is meh game! Hehe, lvl 55 fae troubie at your service. I want to join cuz I think Doc rox, and cuz Cole is fun to insult! Very Happy Um, I've played this mmo for a while, as well as eq1, and coh/cov....what can I say I like super speed! Hmmmm I think thats it other than yes, I am over 17, yes I play a fae on purpose, and of course I have ventrilo, how else would I bash on Cole?!?

Oh did I mention I'm female and *gasp* single! Muahaha!
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Piccilo's app part duo...
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