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 What is my Raffle money going to????

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What is my Raffle money going to???? Empty
PostSubject: What is my Raffle money going to????   What is my Raffle money going to???? EmptyThu Jul 09, 2009 2:39 am

The only expense right now is Vent coming in at $37.80 every 3 months.

So you may be asking yourself "Where will the rest go?" Good Question!

With any excess money we may do a few things.

1) If we get more members we will need a bigger vent!!!
2) Membership Drives! This could work like per every 2 people you bring on you get 1 entry in a free raffle!!!
3) Better prizes for the next Raffle
4) A real Abyss Webpage (This would pend someone helping me make it so if you up for it CONTACT ME!!!

If you have any other good ideas for what we could do please feel free to post here!!!

Current Fees:$37.80 Per 3Months
Donations Sum :$27.00
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What is my Raffle money going to????
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