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 Beronia app

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PostSubject: Beronia app   Beronia app EmptySat Jul 25, 2009 2:40 am

Post as (Applicant:yournamehere) And follow the template

Member Name: Beronia
Race: High Elf
Class: Wizard
Level: 40
Trade Skills: nope

ALT Characters:
Who Recruited you: I went on a Reneye run with several of your guild members and seeing the cooperation in the group made me want to join.
Who invited you: Dosil I think was his name
Your Real First name: Stephen The Great one and Slayer of evil. but I usually go by Steve.

Why do you want to join The Abyss? Seeing how well your guild members played was refreshing and the fact that they where my level is also a reason.
Give something that brought you to want to join a guild? Didn't I just answer that?

Past Gaming Experience?
Some past experience in the games you have played what were they ect Anarchy Online was my first real MMO. but I hated it. I then played Star wars Galaxies and it was ok. Then WoW until TBC came out. I was a tank in a top raiding guild. I even made a couple of instructional videos on how to kill bosses in BWL. Then I tried EQ2 for about 3 months and stopped for some reason that I can't seem to remember. Then there was DDO, WAR which I still play to get my PVP fix, CoX, and now back to EQ2.

Can you use Ventrilo? I'm not retarded if that is what you are asking.
This is a Guild Requirement! anyone can listen, and the program is free!

The more info you give us the better we will know you. Best way into the guild is by acting as if you already are, send tells for groups, post actively on the forums. It is up to each member how fast their recruitment will be
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PostSubject: Re: Beronia app   Beronia app EmptySat Jul 25, 2009 2:56 am

Welcome! ill make sure someone tags you up tomorrow.

Current Fees:$37.80 Per 3Months
Donations Sum :$27.00
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Beronia app
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